Wednesday, January 30

2007 Saturn Ion.

My car is in the shop getting the front and back bumper repaired, and temporarily I've got this bad boy in black:

It was kind of a weird car to drive at's lower than the Focus, so I have to step down to get in it. The steering and brakes are really sensitive, but it drives pretty well overall. I like all the audio stuff, except the cigarette lighter is between the gear shift and the emergency brake, so when I plug my iPod adapter in, it's impossible to see what song is playing & the reception is pretty shitty. The speedometer and odometer are in the center of the dashboard, not behind my steering wheel, and it took me about 10 minutes to learn how to turn the lights on. So, overall, it's a good car to have for a few days, but I miss my Focus. Now, the 2006 Kia Optima I had when I got in my accident last year is another story - that car was perfect.

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