Saturday, April 17

Been a long time comin'.

Hello there, blog. It's been a while. I'm currently procrastinating - what better time than to briefly update you with what's been going on?

So, here's some bulleted points of the major things that have occurred since I last updated in September 2009 for all those (or no one) who care.
  • Less than three weeks away from being halfway done with getting my Master's. Absolutely mindblowing.
  • Currently finishing up what is soon-to-be a bad-ass documentary film on a local family-owned dairy. Expect a link to the video when it is all said & done.
  • Will be working with the Southern Foodways Alliance this summer as their oral history intern. Think it will be really interesting and a great chance to meet fascinating people PLUS more experience in documentary fieldwork.
  • Starting my thesis next semester. As it currently stands, the topic is the evolution of southern landscape photography as a form of documentary photography. There is little to no scholarship on this topic, so we shall see how that turns out.
  • Bought a MacBook Pro last week and am in love. Why did I not make the Apple switch sooner?
  • Been working part-time as a research assistant in my department and as an event photographer at mainly fraternity/sorority events at UM. Quite a lesson in the lives of privileged drunken underage people, but every so often some of the kids surprise me.
  • In love with Oxford, Mississippi. Have met some of the best people I've ever known in this quirky little town. It really is surprisingly liberal with great restaurants and the nicest people. The kind of town I could retire in way, way down the line. I still can't believe I live a mile away from Bill Faulkner's house...still wave to his statue every time I'm in the Square...still wonder, "What would Bill do?" in some situations (more often than not, the answer is: "Drink").
  • Met two of my most favorite people ever: my go-to girl and best friend, Novelette. Always there to talk about clothes or vent about class or toss back a few drinks or live-text me through American Idol because no one else we know still watches it. Second, my boyfriend, Mitch. Was really not actively seeking out anyone in this town (borderline pushing people away), but from the second I met him I knew he was something. He continues to be my support system even when I am being a ginormous bitch because I can hardly handle the stress of graduate school. Love love love the two of them, would not trade them for anything.
I've generally gotten what I wanted. Not in a bratty, material sense. But as far as jobs, admission into school, internships, and good grades go - I've always gotten them. Recently, at my professor's urging, I submitted a paper for publication in an academic journal. Unfortunately, it did not get published and was returned to me with a rather scathing review. After crying into a margarita (or two) with Novelette and Mitch and letting out a long strand of four-letter words, I realized it probably was a blessing in disguise (pardon my use of horrid cliches, my brain is drained). I needed that initial rejection because I'm sure it will happen frequently in my adult life. Plus, after showing my professor the review he called the reviewer an "irresponsible asshole" who did not even mention my actual thesis in the paper. That kind of made it all worthwhile too.

I cannot wait for summer to be here. So many books I want to read (Sanctuary of Outcasts, Geronimo Rex will be the first two), so many places to visit (Key West in August!), so many rolls of 120 film to polish off - hell, maybe I'll even venture back into the darkroom.

All in all, I am happy. I finally feel content with who I am not just as a person, but as a student, as a member of academia, as a southerner, as a daughter, as a friend, as a girlfriend...the list goes on. I'm just stupidly, sickeningly happy.