Wednesday, April 16

Circa 2050.

That's what I want my life to consist of when I retire.
Only 40+ years to go.

Friday, April 11

Summer '08 To-Do List.

School is over with for good, & I will have much more time on my hands.
In no particular order...
  • Take lots of day trips, even if it's just driving to South Georgia.
  • Acquire a Holga & bring along on aforementioned day trips.
  • Read, read, read everything I have wanted to in the past 4 years but haven't been able to.
  • Lots & lots more yoga.
  • Steam clean my house. Not exciting, but it needs to be done.
  • Paint at least one wall in my living room & one in my bedroom.
  • Rearrange my living room & buy a bigger couch.
  • Find an old record player, and dust off my Nick Drake vinyl.
  • Also find an old typewriter (Underwood Standard Portable). Pull a Faulkner, drink too much, and type for hours.
  • Take Drake to Bark in the Park, instead of working Bark in the Park.
  • Hike to the top of Stone Mountain.
  • Find somewhere that has paddleboats!
I'm sure much will be added to this list in the next few weeks...if I can survive them.

Wednesday, April 2

Stroke of good luck?

Things seem to be looking up lately, and honestly, its about time.

I received two responses to my resume submission to some writing/editing jobs on Craigslist. One is for an office in Buckhead for a receptionist/office manager position. I have mixed feelings on reception, but if its better money than what I make now, I'll take it. I act as a receptionist and office manager at The Wag so might as well gain some experience with another company. The other response was from Atlanta Magazine. I applied for a freelance copyeditor position. I have to complete an exercise and email it back to them by Monday. I think that position is only part-time, but it still would be great experience. I wonder if I will be able to handle having to actually look decent for a job; for over two years now, I've been used to wearing jeans, a polo, Crocs, no makeup, and bedhead at The Wag. Probably going to be a shock.

The past week has brought some pleasant surprises. I managed to catch up with three people who were at one point very good friends of mine, and it's a great feeling. I hope we can stay in touch because I definitely miss having them in my life.

Less than a month until school is over and done with for good! I've still got two 10 page papers, two group projects, and four finals, but I'll stick it out. Finishing undergrad in four years is so worth it. I would be dying right now if I knew I still had a year to go. Plus, my parents are throwing me a graduation party, and I think it's going to rule. Today, in all seriousness, I asked my mom if we could rent a moonbounce, and she agreed. That alone is worth the fight I've put up for the last four years!

Well, the Braves losing on Monday -even after putting up a 12 inning fight- was pretty depressing. I'm watching the game right now & I'm hoping to see them play a little better, a little tighter than they seemed to be on Monday. It sure was nice to be back at Turner Field though. That place felt like home last summer, and I plan on spending lots of time there again this summer. I'm taking my little brother to the Braves-Mets on Friday...hopefully, we can turn it out. I'm looking to go postseason this year, guys.

Just for good measure, I'll post this video - it truly never gets old: