Monday, February 2

Since I last blogged, I have...
  • Completed & submitted my application to the Master's program of Southern Studies at University of Mississippi.
  • Seen both STOMP and Smokey Joe's Cafe.
  • Moved the majority of my belongings into my boyfriend's apartment.
  • Bought tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie at The Fox in May.
  • Made plans to go pick out an apartment in Oxford, MS.
  • Had two close friends tell me they are pregnant.
  • Done my taxes (all by myself!)
  • Turned down my internship at the ATL History Center.
  • Loved saying "President Obama".
  • Grown increasingly wary of East Atlanta.
  • Started saving money AND paying off my credit card.
  • Began getting back into yoga & pilates.
Obviously it has been a busy month. A longer update is due soon. Snowboarding in two weeks, Mississippi in a month, and hopefully hearing back from grad school in between!!