Wednesday, July 29

And it starts.

Twenty three.
Will be in Oxford for good this time next week.
School starts in less than one month.
Final trivia night tonight.
Stress, stress, stress.
Must stock up on Two Buck Chuck.
Tired of being part of people's mid-life crises.
New rule: no dudes over the age of 30 in MS.
That's all.

Thursday, July 16

Not going nowhere.

Last night was an ex-boyfriend bonanza to say the very least. Started off at The Local with Alan ('03-'04). After Yuengling was consumed, headed to The Masquerade & watched Aaron B. ('07 - '08) play a monstrously awesome Bane set, during which at one point Tomass ('05 - '07) came flying around stage right to bear-hug him. Needless to say, I loved every second. I feel really lucky to be able to be friends with my exes, no matter how much time it took to be comfortable enough to do so. They are all great guys, and I hope to continue this whole staying-in-touch deal.

Started up my Twitter if you've got one, fellow bloggers, follow and/or tweet at me. It shall prove to be a great time waster in the next couple of weeks with the transition to life in MS...which is now in less than three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Not freakin' out yet...

Really trying to get tattooed before I leave, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Sad face.

Found Hilfiger towels & a Cuisinart stainless steel skillet at Ross the other day for mad freaking excited. I think this is called getting older.

Not feeling like typing in full sentences today. Obvs.

This is so amazing it hurts my brain:

Oh, Bruce, bless your precious, New Jersey heart tryin' to sing along.

Sunday, July 12

T-minus 24 days till The Big Move.

So, I moved home to Kennesaw for my last month here. Things just weren't working out anymore, and I'm sure, as shitty as it is, it's for the best for both parties. Driving an hour to and from work really sucks, but I guess I can get used to having home-cooked meals the rest of my nights in town. Plus, getting to see family 24-7 kind of rules, especially since I'll be 250+ miles away from them in a short time.

Finally took first place at trivia at Tin Lizzy's the other night. $50 house cash, suckas. That's two margarita pitchers, guac/salsa/queso trio, & then some. Delicious, and I enjoy putting our success in terms of food & alcohol. Only two more trivia nights before half the crew leaves. Heartbreaking.

I'm not that bummed Francoeur was traded; only bummed we traded him for Ryan Church. As long as McCann & Escobar are still rollin' with The Braves, I'll be okay. I hope I can still catch games in MS...

The weather has been perfect lately. I wish it was like this year-round, maybe with a smattering of 50 degree days in the fall/winter, just to keep things interesting. Is there a place in the US where such a thing exists? If so, I may need to move there eventually.

Currently in between two Greek phrases for my next tattoo (to go vertically on the left side of my ribs, methinks). Not sure which one yet, I need to weigh it out for the next week or two. I'm thinking option A, strictly for space-purposes.

Option A: "Know yourself"

γνωθι σεαυτόν

Option B: "Life is short, but art is long"

βίος βραχύς, δε έχνη μακρ

Also, on the list of "Things to Do Before I Leave": The Clermont Lounge, kayaking, Asian karaoke, spend a day on the lake, Metalsome...

Friday, July 3

"Belly flippin', always illin', bustin' caps."

Today is such a nice change of pace from the past three weeks of ungodly hot weather that Atlanta has been blessed with. Drove to work this afternoon with all four windows down, no AC, blaring some Beastie Boys, and it was a glorious thing. I live for this kind of weather. I wish I lived somewhere where it was like this 24-7. Mississippi is definitely NOT going to be that place.

I've been a little slack with the blog lately; I'm sure all that will change in about a month. I officially peace out of the A on August 5th, then I will be full of newer and way cooler things to write about once I'm in Oxford. Until then...small updates will be the norm.

Textbooks have started arriving, and I registered for orientation. So excited! I have grad school orientation on Thursday, August 20th and then Southern Studies mini-orientation the next day. Classes start on August 24th. So ready to be back in an academic environment! I can only hope my brain is as ready as I am.

About three weeks ago, a close family friend tried to kill herself. Probably the most emotionally shocking thing I've had to deal with in quite some time. She is recovering slowly, and reading her husband's updates on CaringBridge every day just makes me realize how fragile life is, as cliche as that may be. I never want to take my family and their health for granted. I love them so much & cannot imagine where I'd be without them.

On Father's Day, my grandma made me sign a blood pact, Tom Sawyer-style, with her stating I would not get any more tattoos until she left the earth. Then she proceeded to tell me if I did get any more it should be something in Greek (not a bad idea, I might add) and/or I should be smart and get it on my butt. It was awesome. Proof of the blood pact (notarized by my little brother and everything):

Honestly, I still want this on the top of my left foot:

We will see if I follow through. I'm not tryin' to be haunted by my grandma's ghost when that time comes; however, I would love to get one more before I leave, and I've been wanting that one for a while.

OhmyGAW Minute Maid Pomegranate Lemonade, where have you been all my life?!