Thursday, July 16

Not going nowhere.

Last night was an ex-boyfriend bonanza to say the very least. Started off at The Local with Alan ('03-'04). After Yuengling was consumed, headed to The Masquerade & watched Aaron B. ('07 - '08) play a monstrously awesome Bane set, during which at one point Tomass ('05 - '07) came flying around stage right to bear-hug him. Needless to say, I loved every second. I feel really lucky to be able to be friends with my exes, no matter how much time it took to be comfortable enough to do so. They are all great guys, and I hope to continue this whole staying-in-touch deal.

Started up my Twitter if you've got one, fellow bloggers, follow and/or tweet at me. It shall prove to be a great time waster in the next couple of weeks with the transition to life in MS...which is now in less than three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Not freakin' out yet...

Really trying to get tattooed before I leave, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. Sad face.

Found Hilfiger towels & a Cuisinart stainless steel skillet at Ross the other day for mad freaking excited. I think this is called getting older.

Not feeling like typing in full sentences today. Obvs.

This is so amazing it hurts my brain:

Oh, Bruce, bless your precious, New Jersey heart tryin' to sing along.

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