Sunday, April 5

Ideal Sunday: Walk Drake up to Belly General Store w/BT. Sit outside, Drake in his own chair, while eating a fresh bagel & delicious OJ. Smile, make small talk with people passing by. Come home, lay askew on the bed with the Ninja Turtle blanket for an hour. Rise, eat a bowl of my latest obsession. Go to Target, get household supplies. Go to Old Navy, get tattoo-hiding-friendly Easter outfit. Run into Cheri & Christy. Go to Publix, get groceries & subs. Eat aforementioned subs, drink grape soda, watch Religulous. Call the family, talk about our week. Shamelessly watch Rock of Love. Sleep.

Today was an ideal Sunday...although it could be a little sunnier and maybe ten degrees warmer. While I truly am happy the drought is "officially" over...this kid wants some 75 degree, not a cloud in the sky, no chance of rain, days.

As far as grad school news go...I haven't registered yet, but it looks like I will be in the following courses:
  • Southern Studies Graduate Seminar I (required for first-year students)
  • Special Topics: The Global South
  • Documentary Photography & Oral History
Um, stoked. Classes Mon, Tue, & Wed only. 1 - 3:30 on Monday, 4 - 6:30 on Tue/Wed. Hopefully I will be able to get a job on campus to soften the blow of the $25,000 of tuition alone for the next two years.

Getting really excited to move. Three and a half months left, roughly. Kind of sad, mainly happy. Ready for change. Don't regret taking a year off, but ready to achieve what I know I was meant to.