Wednesday, January 23

Canon Rebel XT.

The Wag was so slow today, so thanks to the free time, I looked at a few of Canon's online tutorials and learned how to take black & white pictures with my Rebel Xt. I can't believe I didn't even know how to do it; honestly, it's kind of embarassing, I've had it for almost a year now. I haven't gone out & shot in SO long. There is an old Georgia train yard on Dekalb Ave. that's covered with graffiti that I've been dying to take pictures of. I think they are in the process of wrecking it down; it's kind of sketchy looking, but I want to try to shoot it before it's gone. I need to learn more of the technical aspects of my Canon before I go to Cancun. I definitely want to take some good pictures while I'm down there, especially of the ruins. Anyways, I played with the white balance & parameters a bit tonight and took this picture of Drake in the kitchen.

He definitely isn't a fan of the noise the shutter makes. He ended up hiding behind the bar, barking at me. Sorry buddy.

So, tonight was a start! I really want to learn how to use the built-in filters the camera has. Hopefully, The Wag will continue to be slow; I can't think of anything better than getting paid to learn new camera functions.

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