Wednesday, January 16

Snow in the ATL.

It's snowing outside! I haven't seen this much snow in a hot minute. We had a snowball fight at work tonight - my first one in years. Probably the best thing at The Wag I've done and gotten paid for. It was Drake's first time seeing snow (in Atlanta, at least - he did come from Fargo); he liked chasing the snowflakes more than anything.

By the time I got out of work at 7:45, my car was completely covered.

I'm really, really hoping that Georgia State cancels classes tomorrow. The off day would be MUCH appreciated guys. It's so sad when not even two weeks in the semester I'm itching to get out.

Spring Break is the first week of March, and with all this cold weather, I'm definitely trying to go somewhere warm. Hopefully, a friend from work & I are gonna go to Mexico. Definitely not Cancun, but I do think Cozumel would be amazing. I honestly just want to relax, get a tan, snorkel, kayak, swim with dolphins, and see some ruins - all away from the ATL. Wonderful.

I know it's such awful television, but I can't help but watch the first episodes of American Idol. It really makes me wonder if people's families or friends even listen to them before they audition. If you knew somebody was that bad, regardless of how much you love them, would you let them humiliate themselves on national tv? Obviously, some of it has to be a joke, but come on. There comes a point where you have to be like, "Listen - you're awful. Don't do this."

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