Tuesday, January 22

Tuesday ramblings.

I feel like when I actually have things to write about, I'm too tired to even open my laptop. As a result, when I feel awake enough to write, it all just comes out at once. So, here goes a whole lot of random ramblings.

I feel like I cannot stress enough the importance for girls to get the Gardasil vaccine. It protects females from four strains of HPV - the virus that causes 70% of cervical cancer cases and 90% of genital warts cases. Why would you not get it? I've heard various excuses, my personal favorite being "But I only plan on being with one person for the rest of my life". Have these girls never heard of infidelity? Maybe that's a cynical way to put it, but it's true - people cheat, both men and women. Who cares if your partner is offended by your desire to get the vaccine? I'd rather piss my boyfriend off now than end up with HPV and possibly cervical cancer years down the road. And yes, the vaccine is expensive ($164, not including the doctor's visit), it burns a little, and it takes 3 seperate doctor's appointments...get over it! How do you think you'll feel if you end up with cervical cancer, knowing it could have been prevented? Exactly.

I recently found out one of my best friends is pregnant, and I seriously could not be more thrilled. I cried when she told me; she is my first really close friend to be pregnant, and it's really exciting. I can't wait to watch her belly grow, buy her baby stuff, and to go wait at the hospital while she's in labor...I'm going to go picture-crazy. She is going to be the best mom ever, and her husband is going to be an awesome dad. Can't wait to meet "Thumper".

My flight & hotel to Cancun are reserved! We are going March 2nd-7th, and it cannot come fast enough. We staying at the Great Parnassus Resort & Spa; luckily, it's outside of the "hotel zone" where all the trashy MTV Spring Break action is. I definitely don't want to be anywhere near that. I can't wait to see all the Mayan ruins; I think we are going to Chichen Itza and Tulum. Also, if all works out, we get to swim with dolphins. It's been one of my dreams for years to even just touch one; if I get to hug & kiss one, I don't know what I'll do with myself. All I know is, I need to buy more memory for my camera...500 pictures is NOT going to be enough.

One sort of celebrity-related thing I found out today: Evan Rachel Wood was my neighbor down the street when I lived in Raleigh. I don't remember ever meeting her, but I did know her brother, Ira. And now, she's dating Marilyn Manson. Small world.

In concluding today's post, I just wanted to voice my opinion that Heather Ledger's death is just one more reason to be really, really selective and careful with what drugs you take, even those that are over the counter. Even if his death was a result of an accidental overdose on sleeping pills, it still is just one more reason to be mindful to the point of extremity with what you put and how much you put in your mouth.

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