Sunday, January 13

Obligatory Intro Post.

So, it probably isn't the best idea to start a blog out by saying I'm not 100% sure why I even created one. But for now, it'll do. I had a Xanga in high school, "upgraded" to a Livejournal in college, and promptly gave that up a few months ago, thanks in part to all the assholes on Livejournal. That's not to say Blogger is going to be any better; upon finding my old high school Xangas, I got a little nostalgic for the notion of keeping an online journal. At any rate, I guess I'll use this blog as a blog is meant to be used - as a forum to speak my mind, talk about what I want to talk about; I can't really say I ever did that in my other journals. My high school self mainly name-dropped "hardcore" bands and wrote about little inside jokes, while my college self seemed to mainly post pictures of what was going on in my life along with some other mundane info (with a little shit-talking on the side, something I'm none too proud of). Maybe it will be like a tabula rasa for me, writing this blog. I don't expect anyone to find my life interesting enough to subscribe, but it means enough to me to be able to write out my thoughts & experiences so one day I can remember them. My written journal is reserved for the heavy stuff, so I need an outlet for all the things I want to remember and talk about but don't necessarily feel like writing two, three pages each night. So anyways. Here's to a new beginning with Used Hardcovers. I guess some sort of autobiography is due.

I'm twenty one, will be twenty two in July. I lived in Raleigh, NC until I was twelve, and my family moved to Acworth, Georgia. My family consists of my mom, my dad, an eighteen year old brother, and two dogs. I'm still close to them; I visit home on a monthly basis, sometimes more. I've always felt pretty lucky with my family; we are tight-knit, and I'm proud of it.

Currently I'm a senior at Georgia State University, majoring in English with a concentration in Literary Studies. This is my last semester, and I have the worst possible case of senioritis. Only a little over three months to hold out, and then I'll be done with school, or at least for a year. I plan on going to graduate school in the fall of 2009; I've got my eye on the Southern Studies master's program at Ole Miss, although I'm not sure how I will do in Oxford.

I've lived in Atlanta for almost four years. I called GSU's student housing home from '04 to '05 and then lived with roommates in Druid Hills from '05 to '07. Now I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Decatur. It pretty much rules. I think I'm just one of those people that can't have roommates, period. I do much better by myself, paying my own bills, buying (and eating) my own groceries, cleaning my own shit, etc.

I've worked at Wag-A-Lot, a dog daycare & boarding facility, for almost two years; I'm an assistant manager. My boss is also my best friend, so that works out pretty nicely. I enjoy my job for the most part; working with dogs is almost never not fun.

I have three pets to my name. Maggie is a three year old fat-ass black rabbit. Lil Jack is a two and a half year old black and white dwarf rabbit. Drake is my newest acquistion. He is a six month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named after the late Nick Drake. He was my Christmas present from my boy, which brings me to...

My boyfriend's name is Aaron. We have been together eight months (tomorrow!). He hails from Boston and sings in a band called Bane. We usually spend a month together, then a month apart so he can go on tour, play cards, etc. Kind of an unconventional relationship, but for the most part, it works.

And I guess that's the rundown. I won't lie; I am pretty interested in seeing how this whole "blog" thing is going to work out. Guess I'll find out in the next few weeks...

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Doug Boyle said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. In return for your kind email and link, I bestow upon you the most precious of gifts in the blogger kingdom. I've linked you. Good Luck and if you need advice/help. Let me know.

Doug (The Urban Baboon)