Monday, February 4


Friday after work with Steph in tow, I finally got around to taking pictures of the old My Sister's Room building, the abandoned hotel next to it, and the Dekalb Ave trainyard. I was pretty pleased with the fact that we were able to get into both MSR and the trainyard via unlocked gates & a hole in the fence. Good thing we had our tetnus shots. The trainyard was so cool inside. I definitely want to go back & shoot in color, probably around sunset.

I was at the Decatur Post Office for an hour today getting my passport renewed. Luckily, I had already filled out my application and had all the necessary information; I just had to get my picture taken and pay for it ($208...seriously). It took me 45 minutes to get a damn money order. They had two self-proclaimed "newbies" working the counter. I felt bad for them but seriously...don't put two new people at a counter to wait on 20+ people. It was ridiculous. Just glad it's over with.

Yoga seriously kicked my ass tonight. I need to start going more than once a week. I can't wait for this summer so I can have more time to do it. Although, I don't know how fun it's going to be coming out of the 100 degree room into 100 degree humidity. I know I owe it to myself to keep going though.

Last but not least, a big sorry to the Patriots. You had it in you, and you almost had the win on lock. If only Randy Moss had caught that pass in the last three minutes...if only. 18-1 kiddos. And I hate to say it, but good job, Eli Manning.

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