Monday, February 11

So excited!!

It's not everyday that checking the mail was the best thing that happened all day. Awhile back I had entered a photograph into the International Open Amateur Photography Contest. To be honest, I had completely forgotten I had even submitted a picture. Well, today I got a letter saying that the photo is a semi-finalist in the People category of the contest, and it's being published in a coffee-table photography book entitled Endless Journeys. This is the picture I submitted; it's entitled "saved".

I could care less if the photo wins anything or not, but it seriously makes me feel so good to even be recognized. I haven't ever been very confident in my photography skills, and this is the self-esteem boost I desperately needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Congratulations to Amy Winehouse for her well-deserved five Grammy's. "Back to Black" is such a good record, and it's been so unfortunate that her personal life overshadows her talent. And, of course, mad props to The Foo Fighters for winning Best Rock Album and Best Hard Rock Performance. Seriously can't get enough of the Foos these days!

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