Wednesday, February 27

School's out forever.

As I sit on my couch with Drake snoring, fire blazing, and glass of juice (yes, juice) sitting on the side table, writing my reflective essay for my English exit portfolio, I realize one thing: I will miss writing papers. Going back and looking at 10 page papers on Chaucer and Faulkner and Crane actually made me nostalgic. Why? I'm not quite sure, honestly, but in about two months, gone are the days of procrastinating and then cranking out critical paragraph after critical paragraph. Amazingly enough, I am actually going to miss it. I'm sure I will kick myself for saying this when I am in grad school, but for now I'm truly a little sad.

Come tomorrow night at 5:15, I will have no school for something like ten or eleven days. That is seriously amazing. I can't believe it's already the semester midpoint. The last Spring Break of my undergraduate years is here, and the agenda for next week looks something like this:

Sunday: Depart from Atlanta at 6:25 am & arrive in Cancun at 10:15am
Monday: All day tour of Chichen Itza
Tuesday: Relaxing on the beach & going to Senor Frogs at night
Wednesday: Swimming with dolphins (!!!!)
Thursday: Half day tour of Tulum & going to CoCo Bongo at night
Friday: Depart from Cancun at 11:15am & arrive back in Atlanta at 5:40pm

Cannot wait!

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