Monday, July 14

Seriously, America? Seriously?

Wow. From my understanding, the artist meant it as a satire for the way right-wing media treats Barack & Michelle. I think I speak for most people when I say it failed badly - very badly.

-I've started taking melatonin at night; however, I've also started having chronic headaches. Not sure if this is related but it is possible.
-Two days till I am en route to Oxford! I am hoping very hard (my personal version of praying) that I can hide the tatts from my grandmother for 72 hours.
-"Everlong", "Ramblin Man", AND "My Own Worst Enemy" on Rock Band II?I really do need to hop on that bandwagon.
-Oh, Josh.
-Drake does my job for me:

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mary said...

drake is so cute!! as soon as i move into a place that allows pets, i am getting a dog too.