Saturday, July 12

A lot of rant, a little rave.

This is an example of what happens when you get when you pay half a thousand dollars for a phone that the company hasn't come anywhere near to perfecting. Not to be a total jackass, but I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about how awesome it is when in actuality it has a lot of things wrong with it and has for a while. Just because it's made by Apple does not mean it's infallible (see: this article). You know, I'm pretty broke, but I've got a decent laptop, a phone that doesn't break when I drop it on an everyday basis, and an old 30g iPod with scratches all over it; they may not be the newest things in the world, but they all work just fine, and in the mean time, I can start to save money for non-material things that will actually better my life, like an education.

I seriously cannot wait to move far from Atlanta even if it is a year away. A year ago when I started looking at the prospect of going to grad school in another state I was really scared of leaving my family and everything that I had known for almost ten years now. Now that I've gotten my undergrad degree though and I feel like I've got a good head on my shoulders, I am itching to leave. Being somewhere new where I don't know anyone is going to be scary, but at the same time, I think it is going to be a great opportunity to meet people who share my interests and ambitions. I love my friends, but I just feel like I'm at a point in my life where I need to meet new people and branch out.

Not to make this post a total bitch-fest, but work is driving me crazy. It's gotten monotonous; I've been doing the same thing there for two years now. No change in responsibility, hardly any change in's gotten ridiculous. Every day that I go in I just count the hours till I can leave. It's just been increasingly worse ever since I found out I didn't get the editorial assistant position. I probably will end up staying here until next summer just because I don't want to get another job and then leave to go to school, but seriously, I'm at my wit's end.

Like everyone else in America, I'm pretty stoked on the new Batman movie - and I haven't even seen Batman Begins.

And this picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

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