Wednesday, October 29

"If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it."

This past weekend was a pretty relaxing one. I needed it after this past week at The Wag. Brian and I spent Saturday night in with Savage Pizza's tomato basil pizza (so good). We were both passed out by 10:30, which worked out well, cause by 9 the next morning, we were out the door for breakfast at Gato Bizco. Sorry, but that place beats The Flying Biscuit for breakfast anyday, even if it can only fit maybe 20 people at once. I love that the owner is always there. It is definitely on the top of my "Things I Will Miss about ATL" list.

After breakfast, we headed to the infamous Burt's Pumpkin Patch up in Dawsonville. We passed the Mountain Moonshine festival (or something to that extent) on the way up there...couldn't find any parking, or we probably would have stopped, ha. The pumpkin patch was packed but still a good time. We bought two big pumpkins to carve and two little ones for decoration. After Burt's, we went to Uncle Shuck's corn maze. Just for a visual, it looks like this:

I couldn't read the map, so BT led the way - probably a good thing, or we wouldn't have made any progress. We did the Democratic side (ha, go figure); it took almost an hour, and we were both pretty tired, so after that was done, we headed home. We still haven't carved the pumpkins; I'll definitely post pictures when we do.

I just saw a clip of True Life: I'm A Southern Belle, and two of the girls they were following are Ole Miss students. Can I just say if the majority of girls are like that there, I probably will be a hermit. One of these girls is on the prowl for a husband at 22, and the other is a pageant queen. However, one of the non-Ole Miss girls said she was a Southern belle because she was raised to love the land, not because of the clothes or material things. Good for you. On a side note, I am so. fucking. glad. my mother never made me do pageants.

How awesome is this website?! The house tours are all fascinating and illustrate voyeurism at its finest. I love looking into other people's homes. I can't wait till I have my own, whenever that may be.

I mailed my internship application in to the Atlanta History Center today. I'm crossing fingers. Not sure when I will hear back from them, but I hope by the end of the year. The GRE is in two weeks from tomorow (AAAH), and then it will be time to start working on my grad school application. I swear, this never stops. I want to take an amazing vacation when all is said and done come March. I'll deserve it, dammit.

Not to pull a Tyra here, but this is the most fierce (fierce-st?) video. I mean, damn. Work it.

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