Thursday, November 6

United we stand.

Tuesday: what a great day to be an American. Spent all day at work, refreshing every five minutes with Cheri. Got home at 8 & watched as much of CNN's updates as possible before falling asleep early on the couch. BT woke me up right as "BARACK OBAMA - PRESIDENT-ELECT" was being splayed across the screen. If I hadn't been so groggy, I probably would have cried. Finally came to, called my parents who were miraculously still awake & celebrating (probably the only ones in Cobb County), then managed to keep my eyes open long enough to watch his speech in Chicago.

So glad change is coming to America, so glad everyone united as one to elect this man as president. I thought McCain's concession speech was very graceful; the first time in the past couple of months I really enjoyed hearing him speak. Overall, I went to bed so proud of my country and optimistic about the next four (hopefully eight) years. I can't wait to tell my children where I was when history was made (on the futon, in my pajamas, half-asleep).

The GRE is exactly a week from today. I've been studying a bit everyday. I took a practice test the other day and actually scored a little bit higher on my math than my verbal which, needless to say, left me pretty perplexed. The next seven days are really going to be crunch time. I know it isn't the only deciding factor when it comes to getting into grad school, but it will be much-needed peace of mind if I do well.

Brian & I hiked to the top of Stone Mountain this past Sunday; what a work out. The weather was awesome (sunny, mid-70s), and the view from the top is amazing. After hiking the mountain, we went and checked out the covered bridge then headed home. I want to go bike the 4 mile trail around the base of the mountain sometime soon. Hopefully, the weather stays nice. I want to do the Silver Comet Trail soon too.

Halloween was loads of fun. We carved pumpkins before heading out to Graveyard in EAV. Drank & danced the night away with my closet friends...don't think I could ask for much more. Great night. Plus, I think BT & I made a really cute pair of sailors.

Currently into:
-Grape soda
-Walgreen's Apothecary Lavendar Soak epsom salts (ahh, so good)
-Aveda Clove Shampoo & Shampure Conditioner
-Coffeemate's Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer
-Rock of Love: Charm School (guilty pleasure!)
-Atlanta on the Cheap
-HGTV - lots of it
-Bertolli's Oven Bake Meals

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