Friday, October 24

Rainy day blues.

Try as I might (and I honestly can say I have), I just can't wrap my head around women LIKING Sarah Palin, much less voting for her. I mean, sweet, you get to keep your guns, but how about the right to decide what happens to your body? Nope, guess that isn't very important. Hey, if the RNC wants to spend $150k for her to look good...that's cool. McCain can rail against Obama for spending $3 million on a TELESCOPE...god forbid government money be spent on SCIENCE...but spending what some people make in a year just to make her look good? Yea, she's a regular hockey mom alright. Makes me wish Nov.4th was here & gone.

That reminds me...six hour waits on Election Day?! Whaaat?! So glad I voted absentee...

In one day, I get not one, but two, bills (with late charges, natch) from my old apartment, AND my windshield wipers break. By break, I mean intertwine with one another while I am driving in the pouring rain and snap, leaving me windshield wiper-less in the pouring rain. Bitchin'.

Seriously, I love shows like Wife Swap and Trading Spouses, especially the evangelical Christian/atheist episodes. I think Drake and I will take advantage of our off day in this 50 degree rainy day and curl up on the couch together and watch some mindless TV.

Three weeks till the GRE...

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