Friday, May 1

Spring 09, thus far.

Not enough has gone on lately to warrant a large post from yours instead, a bulleted edition of what's been going on.

  • Seven-Day Detox: so far, so good. Operation: Beach Bod '09, not so good.
  • Mayfield's White Chocolate Raspberry ice cream rules.
  • Gaslight Anthem in one week, Alkaline Trio in two weeks.
  • Sold Death Cab tickets after realizing they are the kind of band I would want to die of boredom if I saw live.
  • Going to Tybee w/Danielle and Laura in the beginning of June, can't wait.
  • BT's smoothies are awesome.
  • My monthly payments on my graduate loans will be approx. $470/month. WOOHOO. At least I'm living my dream, and it will be worth it one day...right?
  • T-minus three months till I leave. Bittersweet.
  • Swine flu: wtf?
  • Brother still hasn't left for the Air Force, I am secretly happy.
  • I think I could live in Chattanooga.
  • My culinary prowess continues to grow.
  • Need to tell my grandma about tattoos before seeing her on Mother's Day. Eek.
  • Adam Lambert, ftw.
That's all, folks.

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