Thursday, March 20

First day of spring.

A post is long overdue, I suppose. A lot has happened since last Monday, tornadoes being the main thing. I didn't even realize there was a tornado Friday until it had already come through and done its damage; Saturday my mom awakened me from my post-Wag nap by repeatedly calling my phone, only to scream "MEGHAN! Get into the bathtub!" when I finally answered. Luckily, Decatur didn't get any damage, but I can't say the same for other parts of the ATL. Oakland, one of my favorite places to take pictures, got hit pretty bad. This is what the entrance looks like:

Note the trees blocking the entrance, and thus, demolishing any hope I had of getting into the cemetery to shoot. Mother Nature, you're breaking my heart over here!

I fired a (real) gun for the very first time yesterday, and it was scary and amazing. The wonderful Laura took Stephanie and I to American Classic Marksman in Norcross, and we all shot for about an hour. I forgot the name of the gun Laura brought with her, but we shot that and rented the kind of 9mm that cops use as well. I was really nervous to use the 9mm, but once I did, I couldn't stop! One thing's for sure, though - I need to work on my aim. Either way, it was so much fun, and I can't wait to go again.

On the school front, I am counting down the days till graduation. Even though I'm not walking, I still can't wait to take my last final and bid Georgia State adieu for good. Almost four years there is more than enough. If all goes as planned, I'll be graduating magna cum laude which I am pretty excited about. Plus, I haven't had a real summer in about three years (thanks, summer classes) so that's going to be awesome.

As for my current employment status, I still remain at The Wag, rather unhappily as of late. I've applied for various editing/writing positions around Atlanta and gotten a few offers through Monster (albeit in Madison, WI). I can't financially do an internship, but even so, I'm considering applying for an editorial internship with Jezebel. It's all very frustrating. Only 21 years old and my mind is constantly consumed with jumpstarting my career. Shouldn't I be out getting drunk and making mistakes somewhere? That seems to be what all my other peers are up to.

Since it is now technically spring, I need the weather to start acting like it and be in the mid-70s so I can go out and shoot all the fun things that spring in Atlanta brings! It's time for some serious day trips soon. I've got a list about a mile long of places I want to go. Just waiting for the spring weather to show its face.

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