Friday, May 16

"I'm pressing charges!"

This seriously makes me scared to ride MARTA. They are claiming she is bipolar and was not taking her meds. This woman has a child. What the hell? People like that, along with Britney Spears, should be sterilized, on the real.

On the other hand, this makes me want to ride the MARTA bus:

The week in short:
  • Gay marriage ban lifted in California - yay!
  • Follow-up interview for Fund for Public Interest Research in early June.
  • Applied and crossing fingers for editorial assistant position in Decatur.
  • Peach flavored hookahs & hummus - delicious.
  • Much love for American Classic Marksman.
  • Two thumbs up for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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You are correct about that girl on the Marta train. Who wants to ride with all that going on.
This is why people don't ride the train. Marta needs to clean up their act or get out of town.